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Why Are B Vitamins Important For Menopause

Menopause is, quite rightly, gaining the awareness it deserves in recent years. Whilst menopause is an entirely natural life stage for every woman, it doesn’t come without its fair share of uncomfo...
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Best Supplements For Menopause Joint Pain

Many women going through menopause experience joint pain, which can be quite uncomfortable to say the least. It typically starts as stiffness or irritation in affected areas and can progress to be...
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The Menopause Diet

What we eat plays a fundamental role in helping to support women through every stage of their menopausal journey. The right nutrition can play invaluable roles in the body. Good nutrition can: Pro...
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Bone Health

Best Vitamins For Menopause

The topic of menopause is gaining traction in the public eye in recent months, which is promising and quite frankly, about time! Although menopause is an entirely normal life stage for any woman, i...
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5 Foods To Help You Get A Good Night’s Sleep

It is widely accepted that we are living in a sleep-deprived society, with the stressors of modern living being the main contributor. We often open our morning chats with ‘I can’t function without ...
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What Is Menopause?

We are beginning to see workplaces recognise and support it. Mainstream talk shows are starting to discuss it. Public figures are sharing their own journeys with it and although we have some way to...