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Puro D3 & K2 is our high-quality, well-absorbed, Vitamin D and Vitamin K supplement which contains 75μg (3000iu) of Vitamin D3 and 100μg of Vitamin K2. 

Why supplement with Vitamin D?

Our body produces Vitamin D3 when we are exposed to sunlight. However modern lifestyles and poor weather often mean that many of us struggle to get enough full body sun exposure, particularly during the winter months.

According to recent studies, avoiding Vitamin D deficiency has clear benefits for your immune health and the NHS now consider Vitamin D3 an ‘essential’ supplement for everyone between the months of September - April.

That's why we developed Puro D3 + K2 - our high-quality, well-absorbed, Vitamin D and Vitamin K combination supplement. 

It contains 75μg (3000iu) of Vitamin D3 and 100μg of Vitamin K2 in a new and improved formula designed specifically for helping with the maintenance of a normal immune system.

We use highly bioavailable Vitamin D3 - making Puro D3 & K2 far more potent & effective than the average Vitamin D supplement


1 capsule typically provides:

Vitamin D3 75µg 3000iu (1500 %NRV*)
Vitamin K2 100µg (133 %NRV*)

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The Vitamin D Deficiency Epidemic

Vitamin D plays a critical role in many areas of our health including the maintenance of normal bones, muscle function, teeth, and immune system.

However, Vitamin D deficiency is incredibly common with some studies estimating that 50 % of the global population may be Vitamin D deficient. That's why it's a major global health issue and the UK Department of Health are advising that almost everyone should consider taking a daily Vitamin D supplement - especially if you aren't getting much sunlight.

Vitamin D deficiency occurs because we get the majority of our vitamin D from the sun and it's pretty much impossible to get enough through diet alone.Therefore, those of us who live in less sunny climates (such as the UK) are very likely deficient unless we use appropriate supplementation. 

D3 + K2 Combined

Support evidence shows that Vitamin D is dependent on Vitamin K2, and that Vitamin D toxicity can actually be caused by the lack of Vitamin K2. In addition to being a necessary ingredient for protection, the benefits of Vitamin D3 are greatly enhanced by Vitamin K2 in terms of bone strength, cardiovascular health, and many more.

Unregulated levels of Vitamin D may lead to calcification of blood vessels, which may cause blood clots and heart disease. Because of this, Vitamin K2 is just the right partner for Vitamin D as it is responsible for:

- Activating proteins that will reduce calcification in soft tissues, like kidney and blood vessels,

- Lessening the development of chronic diseases caused by unregulated vitamin D levels,

- Preventing BVC or blood vessel calcification (a condition caused by high levels of vitamin D) by activating the Matric GLA protein.

Why Puro D3 + K2?

Our potent Vitamin D formula was designed to provide that much-needed Vitamin D boost if you aren't getting enough sunlight lately.

According to recent studies, avoiding vitamin D deficiency also has clear benefits for your immune health. But how can you ensure you're getting enough when it's impossible through diet alone? 

Puro D3 + K2 features 75μg (3000iu) of Vitamin D3 and 100μg of Vitamin K2in a new and improved formula designed specifically for immunity.

Vitamin D is clinically-researched and proven to help strengthen teeth and bones - aiding with the absorption of calcium and phosphorous.

Vitamin K2 is added to prevent toxicity and provide enhanced benefits like bone strength and improved cardiovascular health.

Our goal was to create the clean and active Vitamin D3 supplement that big-name store brands SHOULD be selling!

"What a difference!"

"I bought this product about 6 weeks ago and my energy levels are through the roof compared to how I was feeling previously. I’m very satisfied knowing that Vitamin D3 and K2 are helping to protect me as I definitely don’t get enough sunshine (especially in the winter) and now that we're all stuck indoors this supplement is making a big difference. It's great value when you buy multiple bottles and it definitely also helps me maintain a positive mood in these crazy times. I'm a big fan!"

Jamie, Margate

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