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Feeling a little low in energy lately? This bundle combines three of our best-selling products to help maximise your energy levels together into one complete energy-boosting bundle. 

This bundle gives you an opportunity to save big on these three products: 

Puro Vitamin C

Puro Vitamin C is our premium-quality, well-absorbed, natural and fruit-based vitamin C supplement. Each 500mg capsule is naturally fruit-sourced and formulated with acerola cherry, blackcurrant, elderberry and rosehips which deliver more than 150mg of highly bioavailable premium quality vitamin c per capsule.

Puro Magnesium

Puro Magnesium is our high-strength magnesium formula for energy and mood. The 500mg capsules deliver 140mg of true unbuffered magnesium citrate - the most bioavailable and easily absorbed form of magnesium - making it far more effective than the average magnesium supplement found on the high street. 

Puro Vitamin B12

Say goodbye to tiredness and fatigue with Puro Vitamin B12 - the high potency Vitamin B12 formula for energy, immunity and daily wellbeing. Each capsule of Puro B12 contains 1000µg of highly bioavailable B12 as methylcobalamin to help contribute to healthy energy levels and reduced tiredness and fatigue

🇬🇧 All products are made in the United Kingdom to strict GMP standards.

100% free from any unnecessary ingredients or hidden nasties and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


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"Absolutely wonderful product that I cannot recommend highly enough. Top quality service with super fast delivery. Their service feels like they are an old fashioned company but with modern ordering and delivery systems"

Clare Mitchell

"Easy ordering system, good communications, quick delivery. Love the letterbox friendly shape bottle so you don't have to wait home for your delivery. Product works as described."