pim's cups

Summer’s Favorite Mocktail: A Pimm’s Cup

Wimbledon has arrived! There is no better way to feel like you are front row with Federer than by whipping up your own Pimm’s Cup. This classic cocktail combines gin with lemon, ginger, and an assortment of fruit. Our recipe dials up the refreshment and skips the liqueur. Plus, we offer some new twists on an old favourite so you can enjoy a Pimm’s Cup year-round – we can practically hear the sneakers squeaking now! 


Classically, a Pimm’s Cup is made from Pimm’s No. 1, lemon juice, a splash of lemonade, and everything but the kitchen sink for garnish. When creating a mocktail, it is important to still capture the fruity, herbal essence of Pimm’s No. 1. To substitute the alcohol, mix ½ of a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar into 5 cL of black tea. The next step is finding your favourite fizz. The signature sparkle of a Pimm’s Cup can come from ginger ale, sparkling lemonade, lemon-lime soda, or even your favourite seltzer. Finally, it’s all about the garnish. Usually, you will see Pimm’s Cup adorned with strawberries, cucumbers, orange slices, and sprigs of mint. Now that you have your supplies ready, it is time to start mixing!

The Classic Pimm’s Cup

The true beauty of a Pimm’s Cup is you can make it directly in a glass or even a large pitcher for parties. For a crowd-pleasing version of a traditional Pimm’s Cup mocktail:

  • Fill a tall glass with ice and your garnishes
  • Add 30ml of lemon juice
  • Pour in 60ml of your black tea and balsamic vinegar mixture
  • Fill the rest of your glass with your fizzy liquid of choice

A Sip for Every Season

While Pimm’s Cups are the perfect, invigorating drink to combat the steamy summer days, you can enjoy them all year long. Check out the substitutions below to cater your favourite mocktail to the season.

  • Fall: Switch out your strawberry and cucumber garnishes for apples and a splash of apple cider instead of lemon juice
  • Winter: Freeze cranberries to serve as your ice cubes and use your favourite sparkling cider to get in the holiday spirit.
  • Spring: Replace the fruit with in-season picks like raspberries and cherries