A glass of green smoothie next to an avocado.

Morning Smoothie Recipe

Swapping your usual breakfast food for a healthy morning smoothie is a great way to ensure that you are nourishing your body and starting your day with a healthy habit. Smoothies are perfect for incorporating key vitamins, minerals and other food groups into your diet and they are super-convenient for those with busy lifestyles who struggle to find time for breakfast.

Below is a healthy smoothie recipe (sourced from cookinglight.com) which is ideal for the morning and also flexible to suit different dietary needs. You can also tweak the amounts used of each ingredient to achieve your desired consistency and taste.

This recipe is also packed full of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and unsaturated fats which will keep you fuller for longer, all the way up until lunch time.


A great source of fiber and ‘healthy’ carbohydrates, fruit will also add sweetness and flavour to your smoothie. We would recommend using banana for an extra boost of potassium and even freezing it overnight to create a thicker consistency.

Greek or Plant Based Yoghurt

A great source of protein, both greek and dairy-free yoghurts work great in smoothies and also help to create a thicker smoothie which will aid fullness throughout the morning. Most dairy and vegan yoghurts also contain probiotics which are great for your gut health. 

Milk, Juice or Water

Adding a liquid to your smoothie recipe will help to bind all of the ingredients together and which liquid you opt for will depend on your preferred consistency and taste. Dairy or plant milk are great for creating a creamy consistency or freshly squeezed fruit juice has some added benefits. For those who prefer, water works just fine too!

Nut Butter

Incorporating a nut butter will add extra protein into your smoothie, along with unsaturated fats which will help to keep hunger at bay. Our favourite to include is definitely almond butter, as it is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin E! However, nut butters can be calorie dense so it may be worth measuring the amounts carefully if this is something you’re mindful of.

Leafy Greens

Adding a handful of leafy greens to your recipe adds some extra fiber along with some key vitamins and minerals. Packed full of iron, one of our favourites to add is spinach for that ‘healthy green smoothie’ look and to boost the nutritional value of the smoothie without altering the taste! 

There you have it! Our go-to morning smoothie recipe that can be part of a healthy, balanced diet which will also keep your hunger satisfied. These types of smoothies are one of the easiest ways to up your protein, fiber and vitamin intake without needing hours of preparation or lots of expensive ingredients.