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Hair Vitamins & Maintaining Healthy Hair

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Having strong, healthy and nourished hair is something that many people aspire to but struggle to achieve due to poor maintenance. The best thing you can do to support the health of your hair is to assess your day to day haircare routine and consider nourishing it from the inside out.

Below are some simple ways you can tackle unruly or damaged hair and maintain that healthy looking hair long term.

Use Products For Your Hair Type

Using products designed for your individual hair type can help you to target specific concerns you have. Using a moisturising shampoo and conditioner on oily hair can make oiliness worse and vice versa, lightweight products on dry hair can worsen dryness. Dry hair types may need extra nourishment with serums, hair masks and oils whereas those with oily hair should only avoid heavy products and only apply conditioner through the lengths of the hair.

Wash It Less

It is very common for those with oily hair-types to wash their hair very often but did you know that this can actually make it worse? Washing the hair strips it of its natural oils, meaning that washing too frequently (daily, for example) will result in the scalp producing more oil to counteract this and making it more greasy. Trying to reduce the frequency your hair washes is a great way to improve the health of your hair - why not switch your daily hair wash for some dry shampoo and wash it every other day?

Wash It Correctly

Some people may actually be struggling with the appearance of their hair due to washing incorrectly. Experts always advise to concentrate shampoo at the scalp, making sure you don’t miss any areas. Conditioner should be concentrated mainly through the lengths and ends of hair, for maximum nourishment.

Avoid Using Heat

It is no secret that using heat is bad for your hair, but it is sometimes unavoidable for convenience when we have busy lifestyles. Unfortunately heat tools and hair dryers can damage the elasticity and weaken the hair so investing in a high-quality heat protectant is vital. Limit your use of heat to an absolute minimum and let your hair air-dry whenever possible - over time you will definitely see a difference in your hair health.

Assess Your Diet

Did you know that your hair is made up of protein? A quick and easy way to boost hair health is to look at your diet and up your protein intake. Not only is protein great for sustaining energy levels and keeping you full up for longer, it can also help to support healthy hair. Hair vitamins such as zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids have also been found to have a positive impact on scalp and hair health, so make sure you eat foods rich in both or supplement when you need to.

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Quality Hair Vitamins

Investing in a premium quality biotin supplement will allow you to nourish your hair health from the inside out and sustain these results long-term.  Our new and improved high-strength Puro Biotin Complex not only contains 10,000ug of pure and potent biotin, but also includes some added ingredients to increase bioavailability and enhance its benefits. In our bespoke hair vitamin blend, you will also find vitamin C, selenium and calcium tablets - all of which have been added to make a real difference to the health of your hair.

Trying out all of these tips and tricks can considerably improve the health, elasticity and strength of your hair and reduce breakage and long-term damage.

Other things to consider are washing your hair in cool or cold water, using high-quality hair brushes to avoid breakage and getting regular trims to remove split ends.

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