10 Tips for Bone Health

10 Tips for Bone Health

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Bone health may not be something that many people consider when it comes to looking after their body, but bones actually play an important role in keeping your body functioning properly. They protect organs, provide structure and store calcium. Failure to look after your bones can lead to weaker, brittle bones and further complications such as osteoporosis could develop. 

There are some key vitamins and minerals, as well as some lifestyle changes that can make a real difference. So what can you do to support bone mass and promote bone health as you get older?

  • Calcium
  • This specific mineral is considered to be the most important when it comes to bone health. The recommended daily intake is around 1000mg per day, but slightly more is advised for older women and teenagers. Calcium is typically found in dairy but some vegan-friendly sources include seeds, beans, lentils and leafy greens.

    If you struggle to sustain enough calcium from diet alone, investing in a high-quality supplement like Puro Calcium Complex makes it quick and convenient to get your calcium intake and feel your best.

  • Physical activity
  • Those who lead a sedentary or inactive lifestyle are more at risk of osteoporosis compared to those who are active, and there are specific exercises you can do to support bone health. Strength training using weights and high impact exercise can both have a positive impact on your bone health, especially for those with low bone density. It is even more important to stay active for the health of your bones as you get older.

  • Reduce alcohol consumption & quit smoking
  • Studies have suggested that both smoking and alcohol consumption can be linked to an increased risk of weak bones or osteoporosis. Women especially are advised to reduce their daily alcohol consumption later in life, to avoid increasing their chance of osteoporosis. 

  • Healthy weight
  • Maintaining a body weight that is both healthy and stable is important in supporting your bone health. Being underweight or losing a lot of weight in a short space of time can significantly increase your risk of weaker, brittle bones and osteoporosis. Being clinically overweight or obese is also linked to poor bone health. Maintaining a healthy body weight through a balanced diet and active lifestyle helps to reduce this risk and promote healthy bones as you get older, as well as support your overall physical health.

  • Be mindful of Menopause
  • In peri-menopause and menopause, rapidly declining levels of estrogen can also lead to significant loss of bone mass, increasing the risk of bone disease. That is why our Puro Meno Complex also includes calcium, alongside many other beneficial ingredients, to help to protect your bones and support their health during this tricky time. 

  • Vitamin D3 & K2
  • Vitamin D3 not only supports bone health, but it helps your body to absorb calcium more effectively. Vitamin D3 is unfortunately an extremely common deficiency in the UK, especially in the winter months when there is a lot less sunlight, so a premium supplement is crucial to ensure you are consuming enough Vitamin D3.

    Vitamin K2 also works with Vitamin D3 to aid calcium absorption and prevent calcium from being deposited in the arteries or soft tissues in the body, protecting the cardiovascular system. Our bespoke formula combines these 2 vitamins for maximum convenience, with each capsule providing 75μg (3000iu) of Vitamin D3 and 100μg of Vitamin K2 (as MK-7).

  • Omega 3
  • As well as promoting heart health, omega 3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory effects and have also been found to help against bone loss during the ageing process. Other studies have indicated that even plant-based omega 3 can help to decrease bone loss and increase bone formation. Sustaining your omega 3 levels through diet and supplementing where required can ensure you are looking after your bones, alongside your lifestyle changes.

  • Assess Your Diet
  • As well as assessing your diet for vitamin and mineral intake, making sure that you are eating a balanced diet rich in protein and vegetables is also a great step towards improving bone health. Bones are made up of around 50% protein so eating a diet high in protein has been found to improve bone density - particularly in older women.

    Eating lots of fresh vegetables is key for antioxidants and for increasing bone mineral density. Not only do vegetables help to promote bone health in children, they also help to protect bone mass in older women.

  • Avoid restrictive, low calorie diets
  • Eating too few calories is bad for your health for a number of reasons, and that includes being detrimental to your bone health. Research suggests that individuals who consume less than 1000 calories a day are at increased risk of lower bone density. 

    Eating a diet rich in protein, fresh fruit and vegetables is important, but so is ensuring that you are consuming enough calories to sustain your daily activity. Even if you are on a weight loss journey, it is important to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way and this includes eating enough calories to sustain energy levels - always factor in your level of activity too! After all, food = fuel and your body needs enough fuel to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

  •  Magnesium & Zinc
  • Calcium is not the only mineral linked to bone health - getting enough magnesium and zinc is also good for your bones. Magnesium actually plays a part in converting Vitamin D into the active form that increases calcium absorption, so taking this alongside Vitamin D and calcium will maximise these benefits. 

    Zinc also makes up the mineral portion of your bones, so getting a sufficient amount is important for their health. It also promotes the formation of bone-building cells and reduces the chance of bone breakdown. Studies have also found that zinc supports bone health in both children and older adults. 

    At Purolabs, we understand the importance of bone health and that is why our Calcium complex not only delivers 500mg of pure and potent calcium, but it also includes Vitamin D & C, Zinc and Magnesium - for maximum bioavailability and optimum bone health, in one convenient capsule!

    Being mindful of all of these key minerals and vitamins, as well as the healthy lifestyle changes you can make, is a natural way to promote the health of your bones and look after your body as you get older and risk of bone disease or bone density loss increases. Don’t forget, bone health is important too!



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